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Note: this article is about a passed event.

From 2010/01/13 19:30:00 to 2010/01/13 23:59:00
Attendees (1):
Jeroen De Dauw
Timelab Brusselsepoortstraat 97, Ghent, Belgium
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"Unknown" is not in the list of possible values (Meeting, Workshop, Talk, Slacking, Conference, Hacking) for this property.

When: 13th of January om 19:30

Where: Fablab

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  • Meet new ppl (10 min)
  • Quickly discuss updates househunt (20 min)
  • Show'n tell (few ppl quickly show something they have done)
    • Sandb will show Pamela
    • Foo will show Bar (add yours here)

notes : Guests: 5 peeps , ready to roll

Less than last week. Chill vibe , slow meeting


  • no updates;
  • hans stilll had to forward the powerpooint to thz abbey guy.
  • hans showed the landlord powerpoint
  • discussion about paying for stuff vs getting it free *> there is a difference, let not be to cheap so ppl care
  • next action : houses : go to see the blekerij and try to contact bram again.
  • next wednesday  : meeting 19:30 @ blekerij *> there plan visit to urgent


  • website went down from server issues
  • Hans killed the mailinglist
  • Website is being restored on jeroen's hosting , will be back soon
  • new list


  • small disucssion about pricing
  • let's not be too cheap
  • no general rules for discount: have a talk and case-by-case basis
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